How to know if someone is connected to your computer?

Ever get the feeling that someone is connected to your computer and watching you?
Is your computer a zombie in a botnet?
Do you have a slow internet connection and don’t know why?
You’re probably infected with something!
How can you tell if someone is connected to your computer without buying any software?
1)Close all the programs that use internet communication
3)type “netstat”
4)Watch for any established connection to a foreign address, if you see something fishy you’re probably infected.


6 thoughts on “How to know if someone is connected to your computer?

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  2. It’s nice that we can watch a foreign connection established in windows through cmd.
    But how can we know that all the application using internet are completely closed.

    SO according to me today it’s impossible to guess whether infected or not because always HACKER/CRACKER are master in breaking all security items.

    EVEN a WORM/TROJAN can act as a hole to your system to which one is unaware of how it establish connection.
    SO how to finally check that you are truly being hacked.

    my answer would be —– Install Geninue WINDOWS/free linux/etc .
    HAve a good antivirus (updated i.e KASPERSKY PURE fully updated ),a firewall (to check and backtrace ), SPYBOT( latest version even tries to detect a smallest change in your system) , a true connection, a computer with possible no virus /worm/trojan/etc .

    PLEASE give me comment and feedback to [email protected]

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Ofcourse rouge programs can also install tools that replace some operating system files and can mask the connection, but i’m sure most of them skip replacing windows netstat.
      The best way I think is to put another computer in the middle and use wireshark to sniff the network and see if there’s a suspicious traffic, but this is more advanced.

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