How can a black hat hacker get rich really fast?

Sony reports another security breach to its servers. Sony’s stock went down by 2%.
This got me thinking about organized cyber crime.
Black hat hackers can get rich by following this algorithm:

1. Search for security holes in public companies.
2. Buying a “short” position on the found company’s stock, in our example “Sony”.
3. Buying stocks for the major competitors of the company, in our example “Nintendo” and “Microsoft”.
4. Exploiting the security holes.
5. Watching the money flows.
6. Go on vacation.
7. Goto step 1.

I believe this is already happening and may be the major cause for many of the hacking attacks.
There isn’t really a good way of stopping it. However, we can minimize the damage and the chance of attack by investing more in computer security and giving it a real thought.