Cloudflare – a good web security product

I’ve run into Cloudflare in a funny news article I read. It appears that a group of hackers who call themselves LulzSec were under attack by rival groups. They signed up to Cloudflare and were very happy with the results :)
I’ve signed up to Cloudflare but since my domain is still pending transfer I can’t change my dns servers, so it still doesn’t work on this domain. However, I’ve got some good impressions on this service.
The signup process was very quick and friendly, many helpful comments and a video explanation while you wait for your dns records to be collected.
The installation is also very simple, just change your dns servers to work with Cloudflare. This tunnels your traffic via Cloudflare which filters bad users and keeps only the good boys.
According to Cloudflare, the side effect of using this product is that it makes your website run 60% faster.
The fun part is that all of this is free!