15 signs that you’ve been hacked

1. Your cd drive is opening and closing on its own.
2. You hear the imperial marsh in beeps from the internal computer speakers.
3. When you surf the web porn and other commercials keep poping up more than the usual porn commercials you’re used to.
4. When your anti-virus screams at you that your computer is infected.
5. When your anti-virus just dies.
6. When your background has been changed to “you’ve been pwned”.
7. When your background has been changed to “you’ve been owned”.
8. When your background has been changed to “you’ve been hacked”.
9. When you download something and it just “doesn’t work”.
10. When your keyboard starts typing on its own.
11. When someone else posts in your name on facebook.
12. When your friends call you and say they received weird emails from you.
13. When your bank calls you and says that you’re broke.
14. When your computer starts to play songs in full volume in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping.
15. If you’re reading this post.

How to get rich in 24 hours?

In today’s world it’s not very difficult to get rich in 24 hours.
All work can be very cheaply outsourced, and there are some great tools online that can help you get rich faster than ever before.
In this article I’m going to talk about google adwords arbitrage.
I’m going to give you a real live example of a way you can do this.
But first of all, what is google adwords arbitrage?
Well, it’s a phrase I invented and I use it to describe a keyword that is being googled a lot but with tiny advertising competition.
This means that many people are looking for something, and nobody is selling to them. A great example would be “how to hack facebook?” keywords. There are around 2.7 million searches for those keywords alone every month, but nobody is advertising there.
If theoretically you would write a book about hacking facebook and sell it for even a small price of 10$, and 1% of all users who search those keywords will buy it, you will earn the small amount of 270,000$.
Good luck getting rich, may you find your google adwords arbitrage quickly.

End of the World

The end of the world will come, that is a fact. All those who read this now will not be witnesses to this event but it will happen anyway. What’s going to happen according to scientists is that the sun will expand until it will burn the earth, or it will expand enough so that no life forms can occupy this planet.
Like every living thing, stars and planets also has a life, they are born and they also die.
A planet can die in many different ways, go look for super novas.
We can all use green energy, recycle, and do all sorts of things but it won’t help.
I think that the human race must expand into space, we must colonize other planets, before we’ll run out of energy on this planet.
The end of this planet is very far and I doubt that human beings will still exists (I suspect that we’ll somehow destroy ourselves, or that some cataclysmic event will occur that will destroy us like the dinosaurs). Thinking about it makes all the current wars and political debates seem so minor.
I wonder if there was a beginning of time, and if there was there is also probably an end to time. If there will be an end of time, my bet is that everything will happen again and maybe the world will develop again exactly like now, and i’ll probably write these very words all over again and won’t remember that several billion years ago I already wrote it (this theory means that everything is predetermined). Anyway now the universe is expanding (look up dark energy), and in the end it’ll probably shrink again until it becomes one huge big mass and then the big bang will happen again.
Good night and good luck to the human race, may we not destroy ourselves too early.