Game Of Life

life game

Game Of Life is something I invented in order to make ordinary tasks more interesting.
You can add new “missions” and assign them xp (experience points).
It’s a nice way of remembering daily tasks and giving yourself the motivation to perform them.
Example is getting in shape by creating an exercise mission. After following the mission you’ll mark the mission as completed. Then you’ll receive the xp for that mission and be able to level up and receive rewards.
It’s built as a mobile web application using jquerymobile, so you can add/complete tasks everywhere you go.
You can find it here:
Currently it’s a really early beta version with basic graphical design and functionality but it’s still very useful.
In the future i want to add giving other people missions, so if you’re a boss and you’re giving tasks to your employees you can motivate them and monitor their achievements.
May you have good and fulfilling life.

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