Israeli hackers took down stock exchange of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

An Israeli hacker group who calls themselves “IDF-TEAM” took down today the Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates stock exchange websites. This is a retaliation to the pro-palestinian group “nightmare” and 0xOmar who took down the Israeli stock exchange website.
It seems that this cyber war is only beginning.
I think in this war there are only winners, the security industry is blossoming, the websites are getting more secured which means our details are getting more secured, at least in the short term.

Israeli Hackers Payback

Israeli news website Ynet reported today about a group of Israeli hackers that hacked Saudi Arabia website and managed to get their hands on a list of thousands of personal details including credit card numbers.
Spokesman of the group said they’re waiting for the right time to publish their results.
From Ynet’s examination some of the details are correct as they called one of the people on the list and confirmed his details, no need to say he was in shock.
The spokesman of the hacker group said that the group agreed on certain retaliation acts on every cyber and non cyber attack on Israel.
The group members personal details are unknown to each other, in case one of them gets caught so he won’t be able to turn in the others. They say that their actions aren’t coordinated with the Israeli government and if they get caught they will face a serious punishment.
Regarding the Saudian hacker who started this “cyber war”, the Israeli hacker says he’s not really talented and anyone with little knowledge and ready made tools could have pulled that out. He also said they’re working on uncovering the Saudian hacker’s real details but it’s not really a priority.