The fall of the free internet and the rise of the Darknet

I remember a time when I still didn’t have internet, that I would connect to BBS servers or directly to a friend’s computer. We would then send games to one another over the wires. I remember it took an entire weekend to download a 40MB game (if I managed to keep my parents from opening the phone and causing disconnection).
This was done privately without fear of government’s interference or censorship. It was truly a free way to communicate and share.
“The term darknet refers to any private, distributed P2P filesharing network, where connections are made only between trusted peers (sometimes called “friends” (F2F)) using non-standard protocols and ports.[1] Darknets are distinct from other distributed P2P networks as sharing is anonymous (that is, IP addresses are not publicly shared), and therefore users can communicate with little fear of governmental or corporate interference.” (Quoted from Wikipedia)
The proposed anti-piracy laws SOPA and PIPA and the recent closure of megaupload that caused other sharing websites to turn off their services and increased government control of the internet are going to give rise to the Darknet.
Piracy cannot be eliminated, that is a fact. Not in this age of digital media. As long as digital media exists it’ll be copied illegally.
The creators of digital media should find new ways of making money in this new age instead of trying to stop the rain from falling.
one example is embedding commercials in movies and making them free to download. Or making the costs really cheap so that some users will prefer to buy and to be able to fast download with less hassle. Proof of concept for that behavior is the paying customers of megaupload.
Anyway instead of attacking websites like megaupload I believe those media companies giants should find new creative ways for income; or else the Darknet will rise and there will be no way of stopping it.
Update: Rovio’s (Angry Birds) CEO says piracy is good for business.